our mission​


The New Jersey Interdistrict Public School Choice Association is a newly formed non-profit association which has been designed to meet the needs of the more than 100 public school districts currently participating in the choice program.

Through the efforts of Valarie Smith, Bob Garguilo, and the team of Excellent Education for Everyone, the New Jersey Interdistrict Public School Choice Program expanded in 2010 from a small pilot program with 16 districts to include over 100 public school districts and over 3000 students who now enjoy the opportunity to attend a public school which more closely fits their needs.

This rapid growth, however, has not been without confusion and controversy about issues either not specified in the Program Act, or unforeseen by the legislative process. We feel that these policy, regulatory, and statutory issues should be addressed by the people who actually run the program on a day-to-day basis and have the program’s best interests at heart.

In recognition of the need for additional support for the Choice Program schools, and to facilitate the continued success of the entire program, the New Jersey Interdistrict Public School Choice Association (NJIPSCA) is offering the following services to members of our association:


Cultivate a communication network which will give member schools up-to-date information about timelines, deadlines, policy changes, legislative initiatives, news cycles, and media event opportunities.

Promote the Interdistrict Public School Choice Program for our member schools through state-wide and local media coverage, a member website, and telephone and email.

Support success of the member schools by offering on-site training and administrative support when necessary, including attendance at board meetings, organization of parent information sessions, and lottery facilitation.

Advocate for the Choice Program with state and Legislators, the Administration, the Department of Education and other Government Officials

Market the program to students and parents through social media, print and radio outlets, and traditional methods.

Joining NJIPSCA will help us create a vital voice for public school choice in our state, and enable our members to promote quality public education.Valarie Smith and Maggi Downham are available by telephone or email to discuss the benefits of the organization. We will be happy to meet with you personally to talk about how the association and its services can benefit your school district’s choice program. We realize each district’s needs are unique in regards to the Choice Program but we also know that we have a common bond in seeking to implement the Program in the best possible way so that it is a success for schools and students seeking choice.